How To Maintain Sustainability in Your Condo

The dangers from environmental threats brought by numerous advances today are undeniable. As such, it is important that in all aspects of living, we do our best in limiting whatever negative effects our actions can produce. The importance of this imperative cannot be felt more aggressively than in city living, where the bulk of pollution is produced.

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Today, green architecture design has push forth a call for more sustainable architectural designs that are good not only for you, but for the environment as well. But for a more impactful effect on the health of the environment, you, yourself should be aware of what changes in your condo living you can do to maintain a sustainable and environmental-friendly lifestyle. Here are a few, simple condo plans and designs that can work great not only for you and your unit but also for Mother Earth.

Plant Green

To compound the environmental benefits of green design, you can do your part by setting up an indoor garden. You might think that maintaining greenery in the comforts of your own condo is tedious and messy but there are efficient and effective ways by which you can keep it green in your garden condo. Container gardens are easy to setup and easy to maintain. Also, they are very convenient and are easily placed in particular spaces of your living space.

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Ventilate the Right Way

Help conserve energy by opting for a more natural form of ventilation as opposed to artificial and costly ones.

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Swap out Incandescent Bulbs

A long-established means by which you can reduce your energy consumption is through avoiding the use of incandescent light bulbs to light up your condo. Incandescent bulbs are proven to use more energy than other light bulbs so it may be best that you begin replacing them if indeed you still have them in your condo.

Kill Off Phantom Power Drains

You may not know it but appliances that are kept plugged over a long period of time still consume energy even if they are turned off. Phantom power drains can come from plugged televisions, asleep desktop computer or chargers left plugged. Individually, these compose only a fraction of energy consumption in your condo, but altogether, they become a potential grave waste of energy. The best thing to do is to unplug whenever unused.

Opt for Reusable Things

City living has developed a culture of waste as a result of a dependence on disposable objects. Tissue papers and other paper materials consume hundreds of trees that could have been helpful in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Do your best to save these trees by opting for more reusable things. Use cloth rugs instead of tissues for cleaning up table-tops and kitchen mess.

It’s Great to Segregate

The call for segregation has been made for the longest time, but lots of people still seem to have trouble following it. Especially in a condo setting, where a wider array of refuse is disposed day in and day out, you need to be very keen in disposing your trash. Non-biodegradable garbage, mainly plastic materials form huge bulks of our garbage and for them to be treated accordingly, they must first be separated from other, less harmful garbage.

Green Designs for Condo Improvements

Choose condo improvement projects that utilize more eco-friendly materials. Instead of harboring wooden cabinets that require tall trees for their construction, utilize veneer stickers to get that classic wooden look without chopping off a tree. Make sure to use materials that are consistent with the goals of a sustainable design.


To limit that material garbage you take out from your condo, the best thing you can do is to immediately limit the garbage you make. Don’t throw glass bottles away; find a project that utilizes them in a more creative and productive way. Plastic containers can be used as pots for your garden which will not only limit the garbage you throw out, but will also add more green to your living space.

Turn off Unnecessary Lights

This tip sounds too simple, but actually is very efficient in hindsight. Energy Star has recorded that 20% of a home’s energy use comes from its light bulbs alone. It’s easy to leave one light on and open one more in another room. But this consumes so much energy. Track your lighting use by limiting it during day time and ensuring that not too much light is turned on during night time.

Create and Energy Budget Pie

A lot of saving can be done through careful planning. Make a pie dividing up your budget and allotting the appropriate amount to different consumptions of energy. Allot ample amount for electricity and water. Make sure you stick to this budget so you do not overuse your energy supply and you don’t go over your budget.

Utilize Nature’s Benefits

Nature has a lot to offer to aid you in your daily needs. And best of all, they come free. When drying your clothes, refrain from using your dryer and instead, bask in the sun’s unlimited heat. When the weather is hot, avoid using air-conditioning systems and prop up windows and fold curtains instead. Let natural wind flow into your home and let it cool you.

Clean Green

Do your best to avoid stocking and using chemical cleaning materials. Do your best to make and use cleaning agents of your own concoction. Use materials such as baking powder, vinegar and lemon to clean your tiled bathroom floor instead of industrial chemicals. Not only are you saving up on cleaning materials, but you are also doing yourself and the environment a favor in avoiding harmful entities.

Water Down your Need for Water

Close running faucets and fix and pipe or faucet issue that leads to unnecessary water wastage. In addition to these preventive measures, do your part by limiting your indulgent use of water. This means cutting down on your extended bathing hours or putting a definite schedule on laundry or car cleaning.

Microwaves Over Conventional Ovens

For a more sustainable and efficient set-up in your condo, opt for microwave ovens instead of conventional ones. It goes well with space efficiency and time concerns in cooking food and it also uses significantly less amounts of energy. So it’s a win-win situation for you.

Make it a Conscious Effort to Save the Planet

These tips become token instructions if you, yourself do not will their goals to happen. Follow these tips with a conscious intent to actually keep things green. Without this volition, you may not be propelled to sustain these actions, or even to begin them initially.


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