Buyer’s Guide

It all begins with a dream. Whether you are dreaming of a home that’s closer to your work, or a home that’s big enough to accommodate your growing family, or an investment that can generate rental income, your first step is to know what you need. This will ensure that you are able to find the perfect home that fits in with your preferences, budget and lifestyle.

Finding the right home for you.

Buying a home is one of the biggest milestones. It is a life time commitment. As a buyer, you have to be careful and cautious when looking for houses in the Philippines. It is, after all, where you will raise your family, your sanctuary and where you will spend your hard earned money.

Consider the basics when purchasing your dream property:

  • Location – This is the first factor to consider. This affects the price of the property and your everyday routine once you move in.
  • House and lot, townhouse or condominium – This will determine the size of the property that you need.
  • Turn-over date – When do you need to move in? Ready for occupancy and preselling will matter to your time frame.
  • Budget – How much can you allocate? Consider that the list price is just the base amount and there would be other charges that need to consider. This includes the furnishing, titling fees, monthly amortization and insurances.

Working with Trusted Licensed Real Estate Brokers.

Our job is to guide our clients in the real estate process, provide property listings of reliable developers and discuss details such as property prices, other charges involved and whole transaction process. We will assist on every step until move in.

We work as mediators to make sure that our clients get the best home options there is, and have them experience a smooth transaction until they move in to their dream homes.

Is Your Broker Trustworthy?

  • We have licenses. A license is proof that a professional has undergone training and is knowledgeable enough about the Philippine real estate. The license is issued and regulated by Professional Regulation Commission.
  • We offer a balanced view. We are honest with both the advantages and disadvantages of a property.
  • We answer your queries with accurate replies.
  • We make sure that my clients move in smoothly.
  • Check our clients’ reviews and testimonials 🙂

Checking listings and prices.

We meticulously pick our listings to make sure that our buyers get the best home options there is. We deal with reliable and honest developers, with complete documents to ensure that titles are legal. We make sure that our property offerings are flood free and far from the fault line.

Once you get to choose, we will send details of the desired project and schedule for site viewing. Although, now is not the right time to go out due to pandemic, we can show video walkthroughs.

Choose from our listings and factor in the basics. Location, size, turn-over date and budget.

Deciding the right financing options.

Reservation and downpayment are easy, since the equity are usually zero interest. The major decision here is the payment of the balance. Make sure that your credit standing is good enough for bank approval. Some developers offer in-house financing, which are easier to avail but with much higher interest rate.

Preparing your documents.

Here are some basic documents that are needed:

  1. Reservation agreement form (provided by the developer)
  2. Photocopies of 2 government issued valid IDs with 3 specimen signatures
  3. Proof of TIN
  4. Proof of Billing
  5. Reservation fee
  6. Proof of income
  7. Marriage contract (for married buyers)
  8. Birth certificate (for minor buyers)
  9. Special Power of Attorney (for international buyers)
  10. Post-dated checks

Moving in and settling down

Start your new life in your new community.

  • Pack early and schedule with your movers.
  • Plan your appliances and furniture.
  • Familiarize yourself with the fuse box and water valves.
  • Sort your belongings, declutter and practice minimalism. This not only lightens up your place but your emotions as well.
  • Store your things properly.
  • Secure your valuables.
  • Inform institutions like your offices and banks about your new address.

After everything has been settled, take the time to make friends with the neighbors and explore the new community. This is a fresh start, after all, and after the hard work you’ve gone through in acquiring the home, you can now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Credit photos of Mr. and Mrs. Bote
Credit photos of Mr. and Mrs. Bote

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